About us

Founded: 2012 in Belgrade.

Senior business leadership at one of the leading companies in the automotive industry in Germany has claimed that we have triggered the best/most successful onboarding initiative that the company has ever seen.

Years of Experience

EDI team consists of consultants & analysts with expertise in EDI communication, QAD’s MFG/PRO and SAP ERP systems. Founded: 2012 in Belgrade.

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Onboarded suppliers
Time to connect a supplier
Average workload time per supplier

EDI experience

Supporting one of the leading companies in the automotive industry in Germany since 2012 in projects connecting suppliers for several dozen European plants.
Supporting Asahi Glass Corporation (AGC) since 2018 with customer connection Ford Europe, PSA and multiple external service agents.
Onboarded 3000+ suppliers from Europe, Asia, US, Africa.
Average workload time per supplier ≈ 20 hrs that distributes on average over 3 calendar months.
Shortest time to connect a supplier 14 calendar days.
Longest time to connect a supplier almost 5 years.

What is EDI

EDI is an acronym for Electronic Data Interchange. It is a paperless trade exchange that allows common business forms such as purchase orders and invoices (transaction sets) to be transferred using electronic file standards. It replaces mailing and faxing with computer to computer communications through Value Added Networks or direct network connections. We can assist in setup, programming and maintenance of your EDI needs. If you don't have the resources or desire to do EDI for yourself, we can help there by acting as the service bureau for your company.

Is your company constantly receiving purchase orders? Are you constantly being told by your customers to implement EDI? There are many different pieces of the puzzle, and many different ways of putting them together.

Our EDI team has 7 years of experience of using all standards including: ANSI X-12, UN-EDIFACT, ASCI, VICS, TDCC, AIAG, UCS, NWDA, and all versions of XML. After you have decided on what solution you want to handle getting the EDI documents to and from your trading partner, you will then have the option of integrating that information in and out of your accounting or manufacturing system. This will eliminate paperwork, time, and human error in inputting the information such as purchase orders and invoices. With this option, you never have to worry about what has happened to an order, where it is at, and what is being done with that same order.

Having the right EDI solutions in place can save your company percentage points on your margins, and can make an important difference in achieving or maintaining profitability.

Save money with automated business processes

Maximize your supply chain's efficiency by fully integrating electronic replenishment processes. Whether it is for ordering, invoicing (e-Invoice) or warehouse management, an automated supply chain management will save money and resources every step of the way:

  • Considerably less data processing work
  • Reliable processing thanks to high data quality
  • Improved collaboration with your business partners
  • Increased efficiency in all areas

Your benefits

  • Streamlined, flexible and cost-efficient process improvement
  • Available as managed EDI service or in house
  • Integrated e-Invoice
  • Legally compliant digital archiving
  • Business monitoring
  • Workflow management
  • Platform-independent

Scope of work

More and more companies from different business frameworks want to apply EDI.
We do it for different industries: automotive industry (metals, trim, foam seating, JIT…),
airplane industry, food industry, pharmacy industry…

We obtain EDI questionnaires from the plant’s suppliers and escalate any non-responsive / non willing trading partners to the project lead & customer's central functions (purchasing/sales) and support during the escalation.
We validate the questionnaires obtained under item 1 in terms of completeness and content to the best possible degree (logic checks, comparison with historical data etc.)
We consolidate all questionnaires into the format that your EDI-handler requests
We obtain additional cross reference information from EDI-handler to complete the required format requested by him
We trigger your EDI-handler to get suppliers setup in production environments by raising and following up setup request(s)
We maintain required technical parameters in the customer's ERP systems in line with the trading partner data (e.g. in MFG this would be the 35.1-setup, in SAP WE20 (partner profile setup), etc.)
We execute a test with dummy data in both directions (outbound/inbound) and document results in the tracking database
We communicate to customer plants once such a test has been successfully executed to obtain a final confirmation by the plant and track the first real message going out and coming in.
We proactively resolve (or initiate a resolution at EDI-handler / the plant’s supplier / inside the ERP or the customer's middleware) for any setup, data related and mapping errors detected during testing
We ensure that the supplier delivers correct labels (e.g. scannable) according to the respective standard, where it is applicable and required
We monitor delivery schedules and ASNs for a hyper-care period of 6 weeks after the initial successful production test that was confirmed by the
plants (and react accordingly in case of problems). After those 6 weeks of hyper care, plants have to contact the regular EDI support.
We document final results in tracking database and communicate results to customer's Project Lead to complete the tracking record
We organize regular, i.e. weekly, calls with plants and project lead to communicate the current status

We are able to provide full-ticket-based EDI-support from our nearshore-center in Belgrade with an excellent SLA and at a reasonable price
Moreover, we do have plenty of experience with customer connections as well (mappings, monitoring, testing, error resolution, support) Lastly, we have done as well several intercompany scenarios and would be happy to provide you an offer

Some of client experiences

"Switching to EDI is a costly process, but whose invested funds go back. We could not even imagine returning even faster using BG-Bcons consulting services. Professional, pedantic, responsible and honestly executed consulting tasks are at the same time a quality guarantee. People really know what they are doing!"

John Smith
Regular client

"At the beginning of the EDI application, everything seemed very complicated. We have been using this technology for seven years, and in the last two we are working intensively with BG-BCons. We have taught them to be edited like children's games. A team of young and promising professionals with ease solves all the set tasks and saves possible challenges. With them, our operability increased by 71%. Thank you!"

Tereza Sanders
Regular client

"I was surprised by the fact that there are such young experts in the country who do not know about this technology. Work with them is more easily."

Tim Roberts
Regular client

"We were very suspicious about EDI. We relied on paperwork and duplicate documents. However, with consulting BG-BCons, we realized that the advantage of the companies that use it is a healthy one. The costs are significantly reduced, the papers are thrown out, and productivity and efficiency are incomparably better. A considerable amount of time savings has been created. Our suppliers are more satisfied, productive, no duplicate paper and copying. It is important for us to fully respect the jit approach."

Joshua Mikelsen
Regular client

"From the first meeting we were introduced to, we immediately decided to introduce EDI with them. At any moment, they were available to us, for each of our concerns, for each issue. And finally, I added that they helped us several times about things that were not strictly related to EDI, which speaks a lot about a quality partnership relationship. In a word, great gratitude on our part for their unselfish help in preparing EDI and successful implementation."

James Matisson
Regular client

"We have come to excellent communication, professionalism, knowledge, usability, as well as achieving set goals in the agreed deadlines, but above all a partnership and friendly attitude."

Ana Leigh
Regular client

"Their expertise, professionalism, knowledge, helpfulness, assistance and support at any moment, have made everything all possible to be solved, possible and perfect !!!"

Volodymyr Ignatchuk
Regular client

"What are the broad possibilities of EDI? The possibilities of BG-BCons are even greater!"

Elena Antonova
Regular client

"When we make important decisions, and the establishment of EDI is certainly one of such decisions, we are obliged to face some important issues, dilemmas, lack of information about an unknown area, uncertainty, undefined financial construction and ... not to be listed further. Like every new venture, we started this project by gathering information. We planned to define the scope of harmonization of our EDI technology methodology, to determine the project costor and, what is especially important for us, to find a consultant with whom we can communicate well and whom we will trust. Anyone who is in any way involved in research, knows how finding the right information can be a frustrating job. And if collecting basic information about an entirely new business idea, but as a rule, the quest for an "ideal" provider-whether it's banking, legal, financial, IT, communication or consulting services-is usually a nightmare. As we began to inquire about the price movement of services, we collected all available courage, armed ourselves with tolerance and patience, and sent three e-mails to consulting companies that we estimated as "potential" solely based on internet presentations. One response immediately attracted attention, not only because of a direct, concrete and comprehensive answer to the questions asked, without a delay or marketing tricks, but also because of the feeling that communication will take place naturally and with ease, just as we always wish, and rarely we find it. We selected the offer of BG-BCons the same day. It was occasionally hard for everyone. "Consultants" have been able to be demanding, when "homework" is about to be strict when it is misplaced, but also to encourage us, educate, to advise on any issue that has come on our part during the work. In the end, in the company, we concluded that we enjoyed this cooperation, that we had work not only with the true craftsmen of our crafts, but also with the wonderful people, and that cooperation will certainly continue through our new projects. And we can hardly wait for that sequel."

Ezekiel Thomas Karington
Regular client